Latoya SmellieLatoya Smellie
21:14 29 Feb 24
I'm over the moon with our new shingle roof! The roofing company was courteous and fast, providing a perfect outcome. Our home is completely transformed.. Highly recommend! 🙂
Ace BookerAce Booker
05:07 20 Feb 24
Amazing job by these roofing contractors on our shingle roof replacement the team was professional and the results are stunning definitely recommended
mike jonesmike jones
13:44 29 Jan 24
Incredible skill in the repairing storm damage. They replaced broken shingles, fixed gutters, and aligned everything perfectly, making my roof look brand new and entirely leak-proof.
Glittz GlamGlittz Glam
07:58 24 Jan 24
Couldn’t ask for more from a roof repair services. The shingle repair was done flawlessly , with great attention to details. Highly recommend this company !
yamaria sanfordyamaria sanford
21:46 11 Jan 24
Very satisfied with the result after their roof repair. It’s like having a new roof! 5/5
Dawone JohnsonDawone Johnson
22:28 27 Nov 23
Choosing this roofing company was a wise decision.the contractors were skilled,experienced,and provided exceptional service.they thoroughly inspected my roof ,identified the issues , and executed the repairs flawlessly
Jennifer SteenJennifer Steen
18:47 15 Nov 23
Extremely satisfied with the siding installation. The team was professional, skilled, and detailed oriented.
Allen CollectAllen Collect
22:01 02 Nov 23
I am extremely satisfied with the roofing company’s performance. The team was meticulous, skilled, and completed the project on time. They exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Highly recommend their services for exceptional and reliable roofing solutions.
Kevin WallsKevin Walls
18:57 26 Oct 23
I like there line of work they does there work very well
Dick NeumannDick Neumann
19:04 19 Aug 23
Very nice
Donna RodgersoDonna Rodgerso
21:07 20 Jun 23
I had a great experience with this company! The roofing team was very professional and friendly, and they did a fantastic job on my roof. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for roof replacement services.
Vincent PhillipsVincent Phillips
21:44 28 May 23
This company replaced my roof last spring and I am very pleased with their service. They went to great lengths to protrct my property during the building process and ensured everything was clean and tidy when they finished. The quality of their work is excellent and my new roof not only looks amazing but the quality is really impressive. It`s made of really solid materials, so I have confidence that it will last for a very long time. I highly recommend!
01:12 09 Dec 20
When it comes to customer service, they are top-notch! They communicated with us from the start to the completion of my garage remodel. These garage builders are professional and knowledgeable about their job. They work quickly and efficiently. This is the kind of person I've always wanted to work with. Thank you so much, and rest assured that I will recommend your company to anyone who needs garage builders construction in Westmont, IL.
Anthony LewisAnthony Lewis
22:36 02 Aug 20
At first, I wasn't sure whether I should get repair or replacement, and Jeremy helped me decide on the best thing to do with my garage. He was responsive even in text and did an excellent job installing a new garage door. If you need a garage construction or looking for a garage remodel in Westmont, I vouch for Stanley Garage Builders' work!
Ahmad AliAhmad Ali
23:44 12 Feb 20
I wanted to keep my old garage, but I realized that it needed some improvement after past winter. I asked this contractor for small garage remodel Westmont and I got immediate reply. The workers provided me with great job.



Stanley is proud to be among the leading roofing companies near me Westmont, IL homeowners rely on for top-quality roofing. Since 1990, our roofing contractors near Westmont, IL have provided world-class roofing to the community. Our contractors can handle it all from common roof repairs to new roof construction or roof replacement in Westmont. That’s because we work with the finest roofing contractors Westmont can offer, bringing you a professional roof inspection and a detailed estimate, we are always ready to provide clear communication and exceptional skills. We have reached a point where our roofing company in Westmont is trusted by many, and we want to stay at the top, so our team works hard to ensure you get the roofing you need by the experts who care.

With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to excellence and that sets us apart from other roofing companies in Westmont. Our roofing contractors bring passion to the trade as we care about delivering quality, friendly customer service, and peace of mind to you in knowing that your roof is strong enough for just about anything. With us, you receive outstanding quality roof replacement and roof repair in Westmont, as well as other maintenance and construction services you require. Our roofers near me Westmont, IL can carefully and honestly assess your roof to present you with the best options to get it back in top form. We are proud of our past successes with countless customers and we continue to strive for greater heights on every project. To have your questions answered or for a free estimate, call Stanley Roofing Company in Westmont today.

Standing Out in a Sea of Roofing COMPANIES NEAR ME IN WESTMONT, IL

At Stanley Roofing Company near Westmont, we take pride in being the roofing contractors Westmont homeowners trust for top-quality roofing services. Our work usually speaks for itself, but here are some reasons why we are the top roofers Westmont loves to call:

Local ownership: It’s easy to get a response from us, as we are not the same as those larger roofing companies in the area.
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Your roof is at the frontline of defense against the elements for your home. That’s why it is the top line of defense you have against the harsh weather and elements. STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY in Westmont is here to ensure your roof installation is completed with attention to detail. Our professional roofers nearby Westmont, IL use top-grade products and the latest roofing techniques to give you a long-lasting quality roof.


You are making a significant investment when you opt for roof replacement in Westmont. STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY leads the pack of roofing companies in Westmont, working with thousands of customers each year. We go above and beyond to ensure transparency as we go through a thorough roof inspection and discuss the entire process with you for your roof replacement in Westmont.


STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY is dedicated to offering the highest standard of roof repair near me Westmont, IL service. Our roofing contractors are highly trained and incredibly experienced, so they can identify any issues with your roof to fix it right. For a leaky roof, damaged or missing shingles and more, our roofing contractors in Westmont provide results you can trust.


When it’s time for a shingle roof installation, you need the best roofing company Westmont has to offer. Our team handles residential roofing in Westmont that is of the highest quality. Plus, you can enjoy our exceptional level of customer service.

The most popular style of roof in the country, shingles are overlapping pieces that are laid from the bottom to the top of the roof and work together to completely cover and protect your roof. Almost all the roofing in Westmont is shingle roofing, though they vary by material, coming in styles that include asphalt, wood, slate, flagstone, fiber cement, metal, and plastic. They are usually rectangular and are installed to create a seamless roof covering. As the top roofing contractors near Westmont, IL that people know and trust, we can help you determine the best roofing solution for you.


Stanley is the top choice of residential roofing companies Westmont homeowners rely on for a full range of quality roofing services. We not only provide great service, but we are here to help you to understand the whole process, including the materials used and the options available to you. Our roofing contractors are ready to provide you with a lasting and beautiful roof for your home.

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You will love the quality of our work. Our roofing contractors in Westmont have extensive experience and offer every detail the attention needed.


All of our roofers near Westmont, IL are carefully selected for their outstanding professionalism and work ethic. These are the experts we put our name behind to offer caring and friendly service.


Our roofers near Westmont always put the customer first, so we make ourselves available for questions and service with a smile.


To do the great work we do, we count on high-quality materials. That’s why we use only the best tools, equipment, and roofing materials to give you a solid job for your roof replacement or roof repair in Westmont.


You want the job done as soon as possible, and our roofing company near Westmont wants to complete it on time for you, as agreed from the start.


We make budgeting for your roofing easy with a free estimate. You will know what to expect before our roofing contractors in Westmont proceed with the work.

Chosen for Experience
There is no substitute for experience, and with our roofing company in Westmont, you can count on over three decades in the business. That’s one of the things that makes us the top roofing company in Westmont, as we’ve seen it all and done it all, so we know what excellent roofing looks like. We are your local roofers nearby Westmont, IL that homeowners trust for:
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As we have been in the business since 1990, we have amassed a long list of happy customers, making us stand out from other roofing companies in Westmont. Being your local roofers in Westmont, we garner the trust of the residents in the area every time we complete a job. Choosing the right roofing contractors is a major decision for a big investment, so we want to ensure you know that we are the roofers in Westmont you can count on because we are:
Locally owned and operated
Licensed, bonded, & insured
Offer fair, transparent pricing
Professional & reliable
Chosen for the Perfect Roof
We ensure the work is done right for all residential roofing in Westmont, from a minor roof repair to a full roof replacement. Your roof gives your whole structure protection, and a poor roofing job decreases durability and puts your building at risk of water damage. For roof replacement and roof repair near Westmont, IL make sure you contact our team for:
Top-quality materials
Experience and skill
Structural knowledge
Regional climate awareness
Your home needs a solid-quality roof. At Stanley, we are committed to excellent roofing services that are always on time and budget. While every home is different, we provide the same level of outstanding quality to all with:
We offer:
Free estimates
No travel fees
Professional roofing contractors
Emergency roofing services


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