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Comprehensive Siding Installation & Replacement Services Chicago

The benefits of new siding installation include, but are not limited to, improved protection from the elements, more attractive curb appeal, and increased home value. Siding replacement is an excellent investment if your siding is a bit old, worn, and possibly even slightly damaged.

Your choice of siding contractor is a component equally important as the selection of high-quality materials.  What does this signify?

This means that our professional crew will provide outstanding workmanship in any installation, from simple to complex.  Not only that, all of our work is supported by solid warranties.

process of siding installation by expert siding contractors

Our Siding Installation Process - What to Expect

You may have a good idea of the appearance of your new siding, however, are you familiar enough with the process of new siding installation to know what will occur at your home? First, we carefully prepare your space, then we are ready to install your new, quality siding, providing attractive, longlasting results.

Making Your Siding Choice:
We utilize only the best brands such as James Hardie and LP siding, and one of our industry experts will help you to understand the pros and cons of each option in order to choose the one that suits your home best.

Materials Delivered
Right to Your Doorstep:

All of the necessary supplies are delivered directly to your home in order to begin as soon as they arrive.

Removal of Existing Siding:
Although some companies simply install new siding over the old siding, it is not a recommended plan. Moisture damage and other potential problems may lurk underneath your siding.  For this reason, we remove the old siding and inspect the exterior of your home meticulously in order to address any problem we encounter.

Corners Flashing:
Corners can be a potential Achilles heel in terms of water infiltration, to prevent moisture damage, we flash inside and outside corners and sill areas.

Starter Strip Installation:
This siding component is the solid foundation of your project and will guarantee multiple years of outstanding performance and sturdiness.

Explore the Types of Siding We Offer

Vinyl Siding Chicago - Affordable and Versatile

Vinyl Siding is premium grade siding available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Vinyl siding cost efficiency and versatility make it a popular siding choice for homeowners. Although various other materials are gaining popularity, vinyl siding seems only to become increasingly popular as time passes. Although vinyl siding is essentially composed of plastic, it is extremely resistant to weathering thanks to the advanced technology utilized in the process. It is also easily manipulated, providing the opportunity to mimic many of your preferred materials and finishes. Our vinyl siding is accompanied by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty in addition to a ten-year labor warranty.

Vinyl Siding Installation - Transforming Your Home's Exterior

Our professional team of siding contractors will take care of your vinyl siding installation project. The basic locking mechanisms of the panels make the installation a breeze. Vinyl siding never requires painting like wood siding does, making it an incredibly low maintenance option. The basic maintenance required involves occasional washing in order to remove any dirt, mildew, or mold from it. Our expert vinyl siding contractors will gladly walk you through the process in advance so that you are familiarized and comfortable with it. Swing by our showroom and check our the vinyl siding samples. Our varied selection will impress you!

Hardie Siding Chicago - Durable and Attractive

Hardie board siding, additionally known as cement board siding, was originally created by James Hardie and although it has been an option for ages, it seems to only trend occasionally. This project is generally marketed for its durability and low-maintenance but it is best to delve further into the details. Check out our compilation of the pros, cons, and costs of hardie board siding.

The Benefits of Choosing Hardie Board Siding

Recently, hardie board siding has been a popular industry product. It is available in a broad spectrum of colors and textures, is long-lasting, and is economical. There are additional benefits and below we lay out the many pros of hardie board siding.


The majority of hardie board siding is accompanied by a 50-year warranty (with limited transferability). Aside from being resistant to ocean salt spray, it is also incredibly insect and rot resistant.


Hardie board siding can be manufactured to imitate basically any type of siding material from cedar shingles to wood shake siding to wood lap boards. Colors can be chosen from the entire spectrum and their finish is backed by a 15-year warranty.

Fire Resistance

Hardie board siding is fire-resistant as it is composed of 90 percent sand and cement.  For example, in the case of a house fire in St Paul, Minnesota, two fire trucks parked 20 yards away were scorched while the cement board siding house next door remained unharmed at only 17 yards away.

Storm Resistance

Cement board siding is proven to stand up to severe weather unscathed, no matter if you seek siding that will hold up against the next hurricane or that will stand up to the next hailstorm without sustaining damages.

LP SmartSide Siding Panels - Innovation and Style Combined

These engineered wood products are changing the game as far as attractive appearance, ease of manipulation, and durability, completely redefining traditional building products. They are an excellent option to improve your home’s curb appeal and overall exterior appearance. The availability of longer length allows builders to provide more seamless finishing work and this luxury project comes in a smooth finish or beautiful wood grain textures. Aside from being second to none in appearance, LP SmartSide is incredibly durable and sturdy, even resisting maximum hail impact. LP SmartSide is accompanied by a 50-year limited warranty as well as being resistant to fungal decay and termite infestations.

Key Features of LP SmartSide Siding Chicago

LP SmartSide siding is created with wax coated wood strands. Additionally, these strands are bonded with resin and other binders.
One additive, zinc borate, is included to prevent rot and protect against insects.
LP SmartSide is manufactured in a variety of models including panels and vertical siding, shingles and shakes, and lap siding.
The lap siding is manufactured with a cedar texture, simulating the appearance of cedar wood; two kinds of “bold profile” siding which mimics a sort of shiplap edge look; and the colonial beaded option, a traditional American style siding that is available in smooth or sequoia texture and includes drip lines that cast shadows.
Maintenance is minimal, starting by rinsing dust and dirt off with a simple garden hose, sponge, soft brush, or cloth.  Mild detergent and water may be used if necessary.  A pressure washer should never be used as it can potentially lead to discoloration, moisture infiltration, and paint damage.
LP Siding is accompanied by a 50-year limited warranty.

Customized Siding Replacement Chicago Solutions - Tailored to Your Needs

When you first decide to embark upon siding replacement, you are certain to seek a product that will provide function, aesthetics, durability, and value.  No matter if you choose classic vinyl siding or choose to upgrade to luxury, high-efficiency siding, we’ve got you covered.
Replacing your home’s siding will certainly add value to your home, providing a high return on your investment in the future.  Performance, efficiency, and style are components of all of our siding products and updating the exterior of your home will provide many benefits:

  • Current modern siding has incorporated progressive insulation, improving your home’s thermal efficiency and providing tons of savings on energy bills every year!
  • All of our siding products are built to withstand pests, moisture, and impacts as well as endure severe weather by way of innovative designs and heavy-duty materials.
  • Our products are low-maintenance and guaranteed not to discolor or fade, no matter if you prefer composite or vinyl siding for your home’s exterior.
  • New siding greatly improves resale potential of your home by enhancing your property’s curb appeal and overall value making your home stand out among the others.