FAQ - STANLEY Roofing Company Chicago

Questions that our clients
usually asked about our service

What is the estimated lifespan of my roof?

The majority of roofing systems should endure for 20-30 years. But several roofing materials, like slate, clay and other metals, may endure a great deal longer.Numerous toppings, such as slate, clay and different metals, can nonetheless endure much longer. A competent roofing contractor’s use of high quality materials is a sure-fire approach to make your roof as long as feasible.

Can you request your insurance for coverage of your roof repair?

Yes, it depends on the severity or the damages, but you might be compensated partly or completely by the insurance company. Our team can assist you to manage your claim so you can receive your loss reimbursement.

Is it possible to fix roof shingles?

For many years, our team has been performing the most quality roof repairs in town. We can repair any roof, from roof shingles to roof tiles, regardless of the kind. Fixing your roof as soon as possible can minimize the damage that leaks can cause on your property.

Will rain be able to run off a flat roof?

Our flat roofs are designed with a little inclination to allow rain water to readily flow off the roof and into the gutter, preventing water from accumulating on the roof.

How can a homeowner tell whether their roof is in need of repair?

Roof issues are frequently identified after leakage or other significant damage has occurred. Frequent (twice-yearly) examinations can often reveal cracked, warped, or missing shingles, loose seams and degraded flashings, increased surface granules gathering in gutters or downspouts, and other apparent indicators of roof issues. Inside, search for evidence of roof damage such as broken paint, stained gypsum, and ripping wallpaper.

What's the cost of a new roof?

Depending on the size of the roof, the house itself, the geographical region, local work rates, time of year and more, the price of a new roof varies considerably. Please be aware that costs are only one element and they must be weighed against material quality and manufacturing. Different grades and associated pricing exist for each roofing material. In addition, the styles and forms are diverse. You must examine the complete variety of products and choose according to your budget and demands. Contact us and we will send you a free quote, we can also organize an inspection, but please do not wait!

Is it possible for me to fix my roof myself if it is compromised?

We suggest roof repairs should not be attempted by the homeowner. Professional roofing contractors are trained to repair or replace roofing systems swiftly and safely for a reason. Improper practices can lead to injury as well as further roof damage. Whenever you need to examine your roof yourself guarantee your safety, by making sure you’re using a properly fastened and braced ladder with rubber safety feet. It is also necessary to have someone to assist you. While ascending the ladder, you should also wear rubber-soled shoes to provide much-needed traction.

What does it cost to fix a roof?

If you need roof repair, the best thing you can do is call us to schedule a roof inspection, during which we will always provide you with a free  quotation.
Roof repair costs vary considerably depending on a number of criteria, including the size of the roof and the kind of fabric employed.

What alternatives do I have if I need to replace my roof?

There are two options: either a total replacement of your roof system, which involves entirely dismantling your old roof, or merely covering the existing roof with a new roofing system. This is why we suggest  you should always consult with a specialist because you are normally only permitted one recovery before requiring a total roof replacement.

What is the average time to repair or replace a roof?

Repairing or replacing a roof can take anything from a few hours to a few days, based on the scale and type of your roof. Furthermore, the roofing contractor you select will have an impact. Our staff at Stanley Roofing Company is highly trained and efficient, so we can quickly install your roof.

There's water coming from my roof. Should I have it replaced completely?

No. Leakage can occur due to the loss of a few flashes or the destruction of a part of the roof. A roof breakdown, however, is typically irreversible and is caused by incorrect assembly, choosing of materials and by inadequate building installations of a roof system. Call for an inspection in case you notice any water leak.

Do I need the complete roof replacement if my roof leaks?

Even though a leaky roof is undoubtedly inconvenient, it does not always necessitate a total roof replacement. The amount of repair work required totally depends on the extent of the damage caused by the leak. Whether you’re unclear, speak with a professional to determine if a simple repair or a complete roof replacement is necessary.