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process of laying new asphalt shingles during roof repair

For properties that are beginning to age, it is important to get to work early on maintaining or replacing your residential roofing in Chicago. Whether you are looking to upgrade your roof with more modern or sturdy materials to fight off the Chicago winter, or simply want to help increase your property’s “curb appeal” by choosing a more stylish and aesthetically pleasing option, our team of experienced Chicago roofing contractors is ready to get to work for you. Our friendly customer service staff is happy to help you with the planning process, learning more about available choices, and showing you why we are the most trusted option among Chicago roofing companies for roof replacement.

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With us you can expect high quality and awesome service! - we are one of the fastest growing roofing companies! Our contractors are of the highest caliber, and we are completely licensed, and our team is very skilled.

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We strive to make the entire process as simple and pleasant for you as possible, from inspection to an insurance claim to roof repair and cleaning.

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We provide a free roof replacement estimate to guarantee that you are totally happy before the process begins. We don't overlook any expenses, and any additional prices will be discussed with you before the construction starts.


You will need to repair your roof if it is significantly damaged. The only way to find out whether you have significant roof damage is to get a roof inspection. Our experienced roofing experts know exactly what to look for during a roof inspection, and if you find that you need a roof replacement, we can help you get there. However, the following are some common signs of roof degradation that may need replacement:

* When you walk on your roof, it "bends."
* Broken shingles
* The roof is very old
* Absent shingles
* You can notice the Roof is about to collapse


Your roof is made of more than just the shingles observable from the outside. It is a mix of several roofing materials and components that work together to produce a comprehensive roof system.

Decking your roof

Decking refers to the wooden planks that form the framework of your roof. These boards are where your shingles and other components will be placed. If you discover rotten boards, you must replace them before proceeding with the installation of the roofing components. However, if the integrity of your decking is found to be sound, we will use the existing roof decking.


Roof flashing

When we talk about Roof flashing we refer to the metal that is installed wherever shingles contact anything, such as a wall, chimney, or open valleys, to safeguard the tiles or shingles and seal such places from water leaks.


Underlayment for added security

Underlayment is a felt material that is put on your patio to offer extra protection. Underlayment is your roofing system’s last line of protection. It is critical to invest in the best roofing packages available.


Restoring your drip edge

The drip edge will be restored when the asphalt roof is replaced. It is actually authorized to have it on your roof. If it is not installed according to the law, the house inspection may not be pass.


Protection against Water and ice

The correct flow of water down the roof is dependent on your roof valleys. As a consequence, they require protection from the continual flow of water that occurs when it rains. If you don’t replace the ice and water around the roof penetrations and in the roof valleys when you repair your roof, water will flow down your shingles or seep through the sheathing up to the sheathing, producing corrosion.


Shingles made of asphalt

The top layer of your roof that is visible to the outside world is your shingles. As a result, when individuals consider upgrading their roof, shingles are generally the first thing that comes to mind. This implies that your roof replacement will undoubtedly involve shingles. Keep in mind that the shingles must be of the highest possible quality if they are to serve as a reliable roofing material for several decades at least.


The ridge cap

A ridge cap is a trim that is put where two roof slopes meet at the top. They’re bigger than normal shingles and come pre-curved to make a roof ridge cap. To achieve a tight roof covering, the ridge capping should be changed during roof replacement.


Pipe boots for your roof

Roof pipes must be sealed to prevent water from entering the dwelling. A pipe boot is a synthetic rubber cover that goes over roof penetrations to prevent damage. After purchasing a new asphalt roof, shingles should be changed.


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