Gutter Installation
We offer first-class gutter installation services in order for your home to maintain its performance and stability during all seasons of the year.
Gutter Repair
Our contractors are duly certified to perform a variety of gutter repair procedures, regardless of the problem the gutter has and the complexity of it.
Gutter Cleaning
Here at STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY we provide professional gutter cleaning services so that your aqueducts remain free of dirt and the water can flow without problem. It should be noted that it is not necessary to open the doors to the inside of your house, since the jobs are completely outside.
Gutter Guards Installation
Tired of the debris that stays in your gutter system and causes damage? Worry no more, STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY installs gutter guards to avoid these headaches.


Here are some of the steps that characterize the STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY gutter installation processes:

When you contact us to request a free estimate, an operator from the customer service department will assist you.
Said operator will provide you with the free estimates that you need, apart from giving you a summary of the recommended work and the respective expenses.
If you choose the All-County option, our contractors will proceed to begin the work immediately, following the schedule predetermined by you.
After the completion of these works, we will thoroughly clean your property.
We will carry out a final inspection of the work carried out to verify if it meets your requirements and is in accordance with our standards.

STEP BY STEP - the process of gutters installation

Snapping layout lines

Stanley’s team will determine the highest point of the gutter run in the fascia, which is located at the bottom of the flashing; as well as the lowest point of the gutter run.


Attaching fascia brackets

The team will locate the rafter tails behind the fascia to make a mark on the chalk line of the other rafter tails. Later, they will make holes through the fascia and towards the rafter of each mark to place the brackets that will hold it.


Sawing gutter to length

Our contractors will then proceed to cut the gutter section to length with hacksaws and aviation snips.


Attaching end caps

At the square-cut end of the gutter, contractors will proceed to attach a layer of spherical end with aluminum pop rivets. Later, they will seal these rivets and the end-cap seam inside the gutter with a silicone caulk in order to provide a watertight capacity to the joint.


Cutting downspout holes

Contractors will proceed to use a downspout outlet to mark the location of the downspout on the lower end of the gutter and then drill a hole for installation.


Installing gutter

Later, they will proceed to place the gutter on the brackets that were screwed into the fascia and secure the gutter to the bracket with stainless steel screws and flanged nuts.


Forming strip-miter joint at corner

The experts will then cover the joint between the two gutter lengths at each end with a strip miter and wrap the aluminum strip around the underside of the gutter. Besides, a siliconized caulk will be added to increase its waterproofing.


Connecting downspout to gutter

Lastly, our contractors will secure the downspout outlet to the gutter and screw an elbow downspout to the outlet tube coming from the gutter. Then, they will proceed to fasten all the parts and check if everything is installed correctly.


Frequently asked questions about gutters installation

What are the advantages of seamless gutters?

While seamless gutters can be a bit more expensive than sectional gutters, they are extremely durable, require little maintenance, and are not susceptible to leaks, which helps greatly reduce the risk of damage to your home.

How long do gutters usually last?

This depends a lot on the type of gutter you are going to use. In the case of Galvanized steel and aluminum gutters, they have a lifespan of 20 years. In the case of copper gutters, 50 years.

How long do seamless gutters take to install?

Taking into account that seamless gutters are created from the specifications of your home, they are easier to install than sectional ones. So much so that the installations can be completed in a single day, although it also depends a lot on the size of the house and if there is Gutter replacement work involved.

Can I paint my seamless metal gutters?

In the case of selecting seamless aluminum gutters, you can only use specific products to paint them and that do not have ammonia. In addition, both aluminum and steel gutters come in a variety of colors, so it would not be necessary to paint them if you choose an option that suits your home.


close up to aluminum gutter filled with leaves

Gutter Section

Somewhere between five and ten feet in length, gutter sections are attached to the exterior of your home during gutter installation.  “Seamless gutters” are specifically named for their ability to extend the complete home’s length.  Varied materials are used to make gutter sections.  Vinyl, steel, copper, and aluminum are some materials used for gutters. Although every material has advantages and disadvantages, vinyl is likely the most common among available styles.

redish gutter system after gutter installation done


An integral, hard-working element of your gutter system, the downspout extends down the side of your home. The drain has an appearance similar to a pipe that has been flattened and at the end, it has a bend. The principle function is carrying water away from gutter sections along your home’s side and to keep any runoff water away from the foundation. In the absence of a well-functioning drain, any water from the gutter sections would have a tendency to pool near the house, potentially leading to awful damage from moisture and expensive fixes.

house exterior after aluminum k-style gutter installation

End Cap

The cap is a crucial element of your gutter system. As the job of the whole system is to move water away from your home, some plugs are installed at specific positions in the sections of gutter to guide the water in the right direction, forcing its flow in a single route down the downspouts. Generally, caps are made from metal, are flat and have been designed to nicely blend with the remainder of the section of gutter. Caps are meant to be directly attached to sections of gutter and may be attached in your eaves using screws.

close up to the inside of gutters hanging on hangers after gutter repair

Hager and Hidden Hager

Gutter hangers secure guttering to your house and provide support and stability to the gutter structure. There are several different types of hangers, finding the right one is important as they are involved in water drainage.
The most common type of hangers are the K type. These are secured to the fascia, one end clips the gutter from the outer lip and the other end is secured through the back of the gutter to the fascia via a spike or long screw. Another type, hidden hangers, are similar, but they are installed and hidden in the center of the gutter and fastened through the back, making them invisible to the ground,

newly installed black gutter system


The cornering gutter segment is called a miter and, typically, are available in a prefabricated option. In certain cases, these sections of gutter are called box miters. They are attached to the sections on either side. Other kinds of miters, referred to as strip miters or bay miters, are pieces of metal that are narrow and function as fasteners that secure two sections of gutter together in a corner.

close up to soffit, fascia and gutters right after gutter replacement


It would be impossible for a to fulfill its function if not for the aid of an elbow. Bent at an angle that lets the water flow be properly guided in a direction that is optimally away from the foundation, an elbow looks exactly as you might expect it should. An elbow snaps into place at the very end of your downspout, quite close to the ground, and appears as though part of the downspout itself thanks to its comparable metal pipe construction.

different samples of gutter collors that can be chosen for gutter installation

Pipe Cleat

The bent metal cleat that stands to hold the downspout against your home’s siding is called a pipe cleat. With an appearance similar to a clip and , a pipe cleat can be seen around the donwspout’s outer circumference. A pipe cleat goes through the brick or siding and is directly tied into the house.

close up to underground gutter system

Splash Block

A splash block is generally plane shaped and its job is to carry/guide water away from the house. A splash block is located underneath the downspout, sitting on the ground.

metal elements needed for gutter installation service


An alternative technique for fastening a gutter section to the home is the small piece of metal referred to as a ferrule. Cylinder-shaped, it includes a hole close to the front of the edge which allows a screw to pass and secure it in place.



process of gutter guards installarion

Gutter Screens
One effective, inexpensive, and safe manner in which to extend your gutters’ life and to prevent the need for frequent cleaning or gutter repair is through the use of gutter screens. A variety of systems available in today’s market will maintain twigs, leaves and pine needles from making their way into your gutters. Gutter screens have quite a low profile and tightly fit over the top of the gutter, which means they are practically invisible from below. This system does NOT puncture or lift roof shingles NOR DOES IT void any warranties your roof may have.

To increase the convenience of cleaning/rodding an underground drain with no need to disassemble the downspout, a cleanout can be included in your water drainage system during gutter installation. The inclusion of a variety of screens and filters can also be helped to prevent clogs and gutter repair by  maintaining underground drains free of debris and clean.

close up to downspout after gutter installation
original gutter system with not usual downspout

Rain Barrels
An excellent option to collect and recycle rain water from your system of gutters is with rain barrels. Free from compounds and salts in addition to being highly oxygenated, rain water is healthier for gardens, lawns, and plants.  Your downspouts may be connected to your rain barrels in order to be eco-friendly and recycle the rain water.

Rain Chains
One alternative to a downspout that is more decorative is a rain chain. The installation of a rain chain is to direct water from gutters to a specific area, creating a waterfall effect.

close up to rain chain as a part of newly installed gutter system