Gutter Installation
We offer first-class gutter installation services in order for your home to maintain its performance and stability during all seasons of the year.
Gutter Repair
Our contractors are duly certified to perform a variety of gutter repair procedures, regardless of the problem the gutter has and the complexity of it.
Gutter Cleaning
Here at STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY we provide professional gutter cleaning services so that your aqueducts remain free of dirt and the water can flow without problem. It should be noted that it is not necessary to open the doors to the inside of your house, since the jobs are completely outside.
Gutter Guards Installation
Tired of the debris that stays in your gutter system and causes damage? Worry no more, STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY installs gutter guards to avoid these headaches.


Here are some of the steps that characterize the STANLEY ROOFING COMPANY gutter installation processes:

When you contact us to request a free estimate, an operator from the customer service department will assist you.
Said operator will provide you with the free estimates that you need, apart from giving you a summary of the recommended work and the respective expenses.
If you choose the All-County option, our contractors will proceed to begin the work immediately, following the schedule predetermined by you.
After the completion of these works, we will thoroughly clean your property.
We will carry out a final inspection of the work carried out to verify if it meets your requirements and is in accordance with our standards.

STEP BY STEP - the process of gutters installation

Snapping layout lines

Stanley’s team will determine the highest point of the gutter run in the fascia, which is located at the bottom of the flashing; as well as the lowest point of the gutter run.


Attaching fascia brackets

The team will locate the rafter tails behind the fascia to make a mark on the chalk line of the other rafter tails. Later, they will make holes through the fascia and towards the rafter of each mark to place the brackets that will hold it.


Sawing gutter to length

Our contractors will then proceed to cut the gutter section to length with hacksaws and aviation snips.


Attaching end caps

At the square-cut end of the gutter, contractors will proceed to attach a layer of spherical end with aluminum pop rivets. Later, they will seal these rivets and the end-cap seam inside the gutter with a silicone caulk in order to provide a watertight capacity to the joint.


Cutting downspout holes

Contractors will proceed to use a downspout outlet to mark the location of the downspout on the lower end of the gutter and then drill a hole for installation.


Installing gutter

Later, they will proceed to place the gutter on the brackets that were screwed into the fascia and secure the gutter to the bracket with stainless steel screws and flanged nuts.


Forming strip-miter joint at corner

The experts will then cover the joint between the two gutter lengths at each end with a strip miter and wrap the aluminum strip around the underside of the gutter. Besides, a siliconized caulk will be added to increase its waterproofing.


Connecting downspout to gutter

Lastly, our contractors will secure the downspout outlet to the gutter and screw an elbow downspout to the outlet tube coming from the gutter. Then, they will proceed to fasten all the parts and check if everything is installed correctly.


Frequently asked questions about gutters installation

What are the advantages of seamless gutters?

While seamless gutters can be a bit more expensive than sectional gutters, they are extremely durable, require little maintenance, and are not susceptible to leaks, which helps greatly reduce the risk of damage to your home.

How long do gutters usually last?

This depends a lot on the type of gutter you are going to use. In the case of Galvanized steel and aluminum gutters, they have a lifespan of 20 years. In the case of copper gutters, 50 years.

How long do seamless gutters take to install?

Taking into account that seamless gutters are created from the specifications of your home, they are easier to install than sectional ones. So much so that the installations can be completed in a single day, although it also depends a lot on the size of the house and if there is Gutter replacement work involved.

Can I paint my seamless metal gutters?

In the case of selecting seamless aluminum gutters, you can only use specific products to paint them and that do not have ammonia. In addition, both aluminum and steel gutters come in a variety of colors, so it would not be necessary to paint them if you choose an option that suits your home.