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process of adding new shingles during roof repair

The weather in Chicagoland can take a serious toll on roofs of any property, which is why we know how important it is for property owners to find qualified and dedicated professionals to handle their Chicago roof repair jobs. Whether you want to catch a problem early, like fixing warping or algae or mold accumulation, or you need emergency roofing services because of storm damage, our insured and qualified team of Chicago roofing contractors has seen and fixed it all. We can work with you to restore the structural integrity of your roof and get your property back to being safe and secure in no time.

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You may rely on us for a whole roof replacement: We strive to make the process as simple, straightforward, and practical as possible for you. For roof repair and cleaning, inspections, and insurance claims, you can rely on our staff.

Premium craftsmanship

You may rely on us for a whole roof replacement: Quality and service are the reasons we are one of the fastest-growing roofing firms. We are properly certified, our service is guaranteed and insured, and our contractors are top class.

Estimates are provided at no cost

You may rely on us for a whole roof replacement: To guarantee that our clients are totally pleased, we provide free quotes for all our roof services. We are very transparent with how we handle your budget, so you must feel safe about any extra fees, cause we will discuss them with you before the project has begun.

The easiest process for you

We'll handle everything from the inspection to the insurance claim to the roof repair and cleaning so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Is your roof leaking? Is your roof in need of replacement? Do you want to look over your roof for storm damage? Whatever your roof repair needs are, we can give a professional assessment and take care of the rest. Scroll down to learn more about our roof repair services, or contact us for a free roof inspection and expert opinion on your roof.

The Way We Install Roofs

Here’s what you should expect when you contact us for a roof installation:

To arrange your free estimate, you will talk with a competent customer service person.
We'll give you free estimates summarizing the suggested work and expenses.
If you choose All-County, our staff will begin work on a predetermined schedule.
Following the completion of the job, we will thoroughly clean your property.
We'll conduct a final inspection to confirm that the work satisfies both of our requirements.
shingle roofing repair on the large house

Do you require the services of a qualified expert to repair your roof? Do you have a leaking roof that you can’t seem to find the source of? There are a variety of circumstances in which you may require roof repair, so having an expert local roofer who understands what they’re doing is critical.

This is when our experts are very reliable. We are a top-rated, nationally renowned roofing company with the greatest roofing contractors in town. We can fix your roof no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Schedule a roof check today if you require one.

How can I tell if my roof needs to be repaired?
Detecting a problem on your roof is generally simple, but the issue is not always apparent and accessible. If the damage is on the outside of your roof, our team will be able to locate the issue.
Here are some things to look for if you suspect your roof has been damaged:

* Ceiling or wall discoloration caused by water.
* The roof is crumbling.
* The Shingles  are absent or damaged
* Blocked drains
* Moss and mildew are visible.

If any of the following signs appear on your roof or in your house, it’s time to call our roofing contractors for an evaluation.

close up to asphalt shingles after roof repair service


Roofing materials that have been damaged

Roof degradation is exacerbated by the elements, and the best remedy is routine maintenance. Some issues must be addressed promptly before they escalate into more serious issues. For example, holes in the roof might allow moisture to enter and cause damage. Roofs can fracture and degrade as they shrink, and flashing can be ripped.


Leaks in the Roof

Leaks are most commonly seen at the chimney, gutters, flashing points, and vents or pipes. Roof leaks are by far the most prevalent roofing issue that most homes face.


Shingles that are broken or missing

When the sealant that holds the tiles together wears out, it loosens, breaks, or totally breaks. Natural pressures, vermin, and wear and tear may all harm the sealant. The shingles may begin to peel away from the roof as it ages, which is to be expected.


Deteriorated Flashing

Flashing is a plastic or sheet metal material that is used to prevent wrinkles on installations like skylights and chimneys. Under roofing materials, flashing is also utilized to protect ventilation pipes. The fixtures become vulnerable to water and moisture if the flashing material cracks or loosens.


Clogging drain pipes with granules

You may see granules that fell during the installation process. However, granules in the downspout indicate that your shingles are deteriorating and may need to be changed if your roof is quite old.


Tree hazard

Damage from fallen branches is one of the most prevalent issues that homeowners confront. Although you may believe that only huge branches may cause damage to your roof, smaller branches can erode the top layer of your roof when they come into touch with it and rub against it for a prolonged length of time.


Water that is either still or flowing

Moisture builds up and forms standing water or puddles on your roof if your gutters are clogged and piles of debris on your roof are gathering water. This can damage your roof. Excess moisture rapidly leads to mold or mildew, which eats away at the roofing material and causes leaks.