When is it time to replace your roof with a brand-new roof?

At the time you obtain a roof replacement in Chicago, you obviously hope that it will endure for many years. However, at some point you will have to replace your roof. The longevity of your roof depends upon numerous factors, like the overall climate of your location as well as the workmanshipl, and the quality of the materials utilized. A better roof may endure for numerous years, then what is the best way to tell that it requires replacement?

If you are considering that you might need a roof replacement, the crew will gladly inspect it in order to evaluate its condition. No matter if your roof requires replacement or repairs, we will apply our skill and expertise as we handle the project reliably.

Top 5 Signs that You May Require a Roof Replacement
Having a reputable roofing company Chicago residents trust inspect your roof is the best manner in which to decide if it requires replacement or not. You should consider several factors before you call us.

Read below for the most common 5 signs that your roof may be near its date of expiration:

1. Roof Age– Have you had your roof more than 20+ years? In this case, you might be ready to replace it at some point in the next few years. A new, quality roof may last for upwards of 25 years, however there many reasons may contribute to it not lasting quite as long. Perhaps your previous roof was actually a reroofing situation, which means installing a new roof on top of an existing roof, you can expect to need new roofing in Chicago after 20 years approximately.

2. Damaged and Missing Shingles – A couple of shingles in poor condition do not necessarily point to the need for the roof replacement Chicago homeowners dread.  However, if there are missing or cracked shingles, or shingles that have broken in various places, it might not be a worthy effort and time required to fix them. If water starts seeping through the already damaged shingles, the roof’s foundation is at immediate risk.

3. Curling and Cupping  – Curling and cupping is yet another sign of shingles that have deteriorates. If your shingles have begun to rise in the middle yet their edges are flat, they may be cupping. Once the edges have begun to curl upward, we refer to this as curling. Neither issue is a positive sign, and they generally signify that your roof may be beyond any practical repair. When you repair it, it may last a bit more time, but could also sustain expensive leaks at any moment.

4. Gutter Granules – Too many particles in your gutters may be an indication that there has been erosio. Any bald areas on a roof may make it susceptible to additional damage. It is recommended that you replace an eroding roof quickly as this could easily result in numerous areas with leaks.

5. Your Home’s Interior – Your home’s interior may also provide clues as to your roof’s condition. Do you observe mildew or mold on your ceiling? It could be the sign of leaking. When there are visible moldy spots in multiple places, the roof most likely requires replacement.

Obtaining a New Roof for Your Home in Chicago
If you suspect that your roof requires replacement, do not await spring before having it inspected. Allowing it to remain in disrepair over the winter may cost you much more than the cost of a roof replacement alone. A reliable roofing company, Stanley Roofing is committed to excellence.

No matter if you need a brand-new roof or simply roofing supplies, as a leader among roofing companies in Chicago, we always finish right. Contact us online or give us a call today at (773) 970-5762, to obtain more information.

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