The Best Solutions for Flat Roofing in Chicago

Flat roofing in Chicago is used most on modern structures. They offer clean lines and are aesthetically preferred, but it should be noted that water cannot naturally flow off a flat roof as it can from a sloped roof. For this reason, roofing contractors in Chicago make sure flat roofing is sealed tight with roofing papers.

Bituminous Roof Membranes for Flat Roofing
To get the best seal on flat roofing, a roofing company Chicago will traditionally use bituminous roofing felt. Three layers of this material are needed and they are glued together using hot mastic to ensure the flat roof does not leak.

The Asphalt Membrane Solution for Flat Roofing
Another excellent option for flat roofing in Chicago is the asphalt membrane. This is a relatively new product that is enriched with polymers making it resistant to temperature extremes on both ends of the spectrum, as it is extremely flexible and durable.

Flat Roofing Options for Those with Higher Inclination Angles
If you have a flat roof with a greater angle of inclination, it may need solid and durable roofing tiles or sheets. So for a roof with a minimal pitch of several degrees, a metal sheet is recommended. For roofing with a pitch of three degrees, roofing contractors in Chicago recommend laying trapezoidal or flat metal sheets.
Prior to laying a metal sheet on a flat roof, a rigid sheathing of boards, or chipboard is necessary to ensure an air-tight seal and the proper air circulation.

With various options available, making the right choice for your flat roofing in Chicago can be confusing. However, if you heed the advice of a professional roofing company in Chicago, you can be confident in receiving a solid, sealed, and aesthetically pleasing roof.  and choose one of the above solutions, you will surely enjoy a tight and aesthetic roof. Contact us today for sound advice and the highest standard of workmanship for your flat roofing in Chicago.

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