The design style of the mid-century modern home is adored by many, making it popular among homeowners. This type of home offers some unique features, including a low-profile roof that gives the home clean lines and a certain sophistication in its modern look that is not found in other traditional styles.
If your home needs a roof replacement, or if you plan on a mid-century renovation project to restore the home back to its modernist appeal, it’s important to be mindful of certain roofing requirements and constraints that these mid-century modern homes are bound by. Here are some of the common types of roofing in Chicago and what you may consider re-roofing your mid-century house.

Common Varieties of Roofing in Chicago for Mid-Century Style Homes
Mid-century home styles feature a wide range of interesting components, including rounded roofing, cantilevered structures, and tiered home plans, certain home styles are more common than others. For your mid-century roof renovation, you may be working with one of these common roof styles:

  • Flat roof. A distinct feature of many mid-century modern homes is a flat or almost flat roof. With the low profile that this roofing style offers attractive, clean lines, homes with these kinds of roofing in Chicago are often at greater risk of water leaks due to a slower drainage system. The design itself and the higher leak risk will affect the recommended roofing style appropriate for your home.
  • Low-profile. While not entirely flat and without the clean lines that a fully flat roof might offer, a low-profile graded roof still provides an ideal mid-century design. This roof features improved water drainage and it can allow the homeowner to create stunning vaulted ceilings inside the home.
  • A-frame. This roofing style is not exclusive to mid-century home designs. An A-frame roof takes the opposite path of modern homes featuring flat roofing and incorporates the clean lines offered by a steep roof grade with a modern home design that provides excellent water drainage.

In addition to these options for roofing in Chicago, some mid-century homes are found to have more conventional roofing systems that can be installed using traditional methods.

Tips for New Mid-Century Modern Home Roofing in Chicago
As it is with any home, the materials chosen to build your mid-century home have an effect not only on your budget but also on the durability and functionality of the roof. Even curb appeal is a factor. Check out these tips that can help you make the right choices to give you the best possible roofing solution for your home:

  • Aesthetics is important. You want to impress with your mid-century home, so you may want an aesthetically pleasing roof. While it might be a bigger investment, wood roofing, metal, or natural stone tiling can give your home exceptional curb appeal that boosts the appearance of your whole home.
  • The life expectancy of your roofing material is a consideration. Certain high-end materials supplied by roofing companies, like wood shingles, can make your home look amazing. However, these options may not last as long as others. Also, a low slope roof will certainly expose your home to standing water, and under those conditions, your wood shingles will degrade much faster.
  • Home inspection for signs of past leaks. Finding any indications of water damage that may have been caused by a leaking roof in the past could be a warning of an increased risk of future leaks due to the home’s design. Have your home inspected to see if you can determine when the leak occurred and exactly where it originated. If you can also find out what type of roofing material was on the roof at the time, it would be beneficial. Without those answers, keep an eye out for new signs of water leaks after your roofing company in Chicago has installed the new roof.

Roofing Solutions for Modern Homes with a Flat Roof
Since there is a higher risk of drainage problems and leaks for modern homes with a flat roof, it may be beneficial to employ special roofing materials that are designed to be water-resistant to protect against potential leaks.
Take PVC, for example. This is a popular material for flat roofing in Chicago because it offers a waterproof seal to protect the home. This material will also not absorb standing water, providing a smooth and effective drainage system on a low roof slope. Similarly, metal roofing is an effective option for any roof that slopes two inches or greater. Although metal may be vulnerable to leaking around the edges and it is more costly than PVC roofing, it offers exceptional durability, so it can last for many decades.
In some instances, a flat roof, especially when built with concrete, may be properly roofed using modified bitumen. This is a low-cost asphalt membrane that is capable of providing a watertight seal that is more economical than other roofing solutions. There is a downside to modified bitumen, however, in that it generally does not last much longer than 10 years. The system is prone to cracking and blistering with exposure to harsh weather. If you are a homeowner who prefers a more stylish roof, this is not the option for you.

The best approach to any roofing project for your mid-century modern home is to seek out the expertise of a trusted local roofing company in Chicago. A roofing professional can evaluate your home and offer the right recommendations to match your budget and your home. As a roof replacement is a significant investment, you can protect that outlay of money by consulting with the right roofing companies in Chicago for the most professional solutions and workmanship.

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