Quality roofing from your local roof company should be designed and built to withstand all kinds of storms, however, even the best designed roofs may take some damage and be in need of roof repair after a serious storm. When you suspect storm damage, make sure you are careful when inspecting your roof, or better yet, call in some roofing contractors to inspect it for you. Here are some signs of roof damage that might be cause for concern:

Wind Damage
High speed winds can cause a lot of damage to your roofing. This is a big problem for roofing Chicago homeowners have to deal with after a harsh winter storm. Obvious damages can be seen when shingles are missing, but sometimes wind can break the adhesive seal that provides a waterproof coating, which is harder to spot. A professional roofing contractor will be able to help you understand what damages your roof may have experienced after a windstorm.

If your shingles are broken or blown off during a windstorm, they should be covered by manufacturer warranty. However, if the wind passed certain speeds within that coverage you will have to file an insurance claim. When choosing your shingles for a new roof or roof replacement make sure you check that they have a high wind rating.

Potential signs of wind damage are missing/broken shingles
A good sign that shingle seals are broken are thin horizontal lines where granules have been rubbed off from the shingle below flapping in the wind. This is an important thing to fix as all shingles need to be in their proper place for a watertight seal.

Hail Damage
Hail storms, though normally minor, can be very harmful to your roofing. Large hailstones can cause indentation, cracking, and breaking of shingles that will allow moisture to enter your roof, making roof repair urgent. In extreme cases some roofing companies may recommend roof replacement with a strong enough storm. You will have to file an insurance claim for hail-related damages.

Hail damage might look like:
Damages, such as large dents, to vehicles and other objects in your yard many round divots across your roof. Dents and indentations in the shingles that have removed granules. A noticeably large pile of granules coming out of your downspout

Falling Debris
Though small debris falling on your roof is quite normal, when a very large branch or other object falls on your roof it could cause significant damage. When you aren’t sure what to look for, hiring a roofing contractor from your local roofing company is your safest bet to ensure your roof’s structural integrity is not threatened. Large falling objects definitely constitute an insurance claim.

Possible signs of debris damage:
You saw the large object fall on your roof or it is still there. Missing and/or cracked shingles. A large pile of granules coming out of your downspout

If you think your roof needs repairs, or you require a roofing company to make an inspection, contact us so we can help. We provide quality roofing Chicago homeowners can count on to get their roof back in its best shape once again! We would be happy to help you with a free estimate.

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