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wooden roof construction before shingle roof installation

With all sorts of Chicago roof construction need, having a team of Chicago roofing company with extensive experience in all manner of roof construction is key. We can work with you from the planning stages to the last cleanup is complete, to ensure that your new roof construction matches your exact specifications. We can also help walk you through the various materials available on the market, and help you pick the right choice for durability, quality, and that fits your designated budget.

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You may rely on us for a whole roof replacement: We strive to make the process as simple, straightforward, and practical as possible for you. For roof repair and cleaning, inspections, and insurance claims, you can rely on our staff.

Premium craftsmanship

You may rely on us for a whole roof replacement: Quality and service are the reasons we are one of the fastest-growing roofing firms. We are properly certified, our service is guaranteed and insured, and our contractors are top class.

Estimates are provided at no cost

You may rely on us for a whole roof replacement: To guarantee that our clients are totally pleased, we provide free quotes for all our roof services. We are very transparent with how we handle your budget, so you must feel safe about any extra fees, cause we will discuss them with you before the project has begun.


We are one of Chicago's most experienced roof installation companies. We provide everything you need for flat, curved, or pitched roofs, including sheet metal and tile roofing, tar paper, and asphalt shingles. In the Chicago community, we are known for our dependability and attention to detail.

We have sophisticated technological facilities that enable us to complete a wide range of roofing projects, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, and industrial structures. Safeguarding ancient and religious structures is also something we do. We provide our customers a guarantee for our services, as well as quick turnaround times and insurance for the length of the project.

The Way We Install Roofs

Here’s what you should expect when you contact us for a roof installation:

To arrange your free estimate, you will talk with a competent customer service person.
We'll give you free estimates summarizing the suggested work and expenses.
If you choose All-County, our staff will begin work on a predetermined schedule.
Following the completion of the job, we will thoroughly clean your property.
We'll conduct a final inspection to confirm that the work satisfies both of our requirements.

Steps for putting up a roof

There are a lot of rules and regulations to follow when it comes to roof installation, and having a thorough grasp of the process can help you know what to anticipate from your roofer. The following is a list of the steps involved in installing or replacing a roof:

Demolition of an existing roof

The first step in replacing an existing house roof with a new one is to remove the old roof. It is advisable to remove all of the old layers and thoroughly replace them; otherwise, the new roof’s lifespan will be shortened.


Conduct a roof inspection

After the old roof has been removed, the following stage is to evaluate what is left. Before new construction begins, the roof sheathing should be examined, and any vulnerable sections should be fixed or replaced.


Keep yourself dry in the rain

It’s critical that your new roof is constructed to withstand any damage that may occur as a result of severe rainfall. To offer extra stability against severe winds, our roof contractors will likely install a water barrier around the perimeter of the roof that is nailed down.


Incorporating a drip edge

The next stage is to add an additional layer of protection against leaks and water damage once the water barrier has been completed. A drip edge will be installed on top of the water barrier to prevent water from flowing down the inside of the roof sheathing and causing leaks.


Please make sure that your roof is waterproof

The following stage is to choose and construct a waterproof roof layer. It is critical that the roof underlayment is carefully constructed in order to protect the roof from heavy rain.


Attach the shingles to the roof

It’s time to install the roof shingles once the roofing underlayment is secure and dried. Painting all of the roof pipes and vents to match the color of the freshly placed shingles is a crucial step after installing the shingles to ensure that everything blends seamlessly.


Cleaning and checking the project is the final stage

The final cleaning is the final stage in the roof installation process. After our team  has completed the project, they should do a final check to ensure that everything is in working condition and clean up any debris that has fallen about the property.


Any roofing problem may be solved by our experienced roofing contractors; if your roof is beyond repair or you want to modify the design of your roof, call us and we will completely replace it!

We’ll select the best materials to construct a long-lasting roof that will last almost 30 years.

Our team will recommend the finest alternatives for guaranteeing that your roof fulfills all of your needs.

Call us for a free estimate and the best quality products and services in the region.

We are a certified business, and the roof we build is guaranteed to last for a long time and to be of high quality!