Our friends, family and general passersby form their opinion of your home, by looking at the outside appearance of your house. Therefore, it would seem natural that you want your home to create a positive first impression, not just for others, but also for yourself. The installation of new siding can offer homeowners numerous instant benefits.

To truly understand the advantages of installing new siding on your Owasso home, we have compiled a list of the most important benefits. There are numerous siding styles and materials available, which will of course influence the effectiveness of these benefits. The following are new siding’s most valued benefits:

Visual Appeal
The passage of time can have an adverse effect on your siding. It loses its appeal, discolors and the overall deterioration becomes evident. This is a typical occurrence with older siding and homeowners can be aware of it, but by seeing it daily they may become immune to it in a way. Take a step back and really evaluate how your home’s siding can be described in its current state.

Siding is available in a large variety of designs and colors and can meet the needs and taste of all homeowners. You can achieve an entirely new look for your house by replacing or installing new siding. There are also siding options available that are specifically geared towards the prevention of color fading and sun-washing.

Increased Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency has become a top priority for many siding and roofing companies as well as manufacturers in recent years. Similar to garage door insulation ratings, fiber cement siding now also bears the R-value to aid in effectively managing energy expenses within the home. This is frequently referred to as the installation of a “blanket”, a term used to describe the prevention of leaks and to maintain the balance between warm and cool air in your home.

To further increase energy efficiency, homeowners frequently install the system beneath their new siding. Since the insulating region is exposed before new facing is installed, it’s an opportunity to replace or add additional insulation. You can consider adding R-10 foam, for increased insulation.

An Opportunity to Investigate and Correct Structural Damage
With time, siding can become less effective, and water can start to seep through. This can cause the structure to become damaged, which only becomes worse with time. Considering that this damage is not immediately visible, it can lead to more significant damage. Most frequently, the first signs of damage are reflected on window sills.

For new siding to be installed, the old siding is first removed. This creates a unique and all-important opportunity for the homeowner or siding installer to carry out an investigation into any existing water or structural damages. Any damage present can be attended to and repaired, to prevent any further damage. Weak points can be assessed and addressed to prevent any damage after the new siding is installed. It’s certainly beneficial to make smaller repairs as a prevention of much larger and more costly repairs that are associated with long term and severe damage.

Locate and Address Issues Before it’s too Late
Some houses have particular characteristics that make them more prone to water leaks, mold growth and associated problems. Unidentified and neglected problems can seriously harm both the interior and exterior of your home. By installing fresh facing, you can be sure that it will remain mold-free. Once done properly, you can have peace of mind knowing your siding will not need replacing due to these problems at any point in the future.

Move On From the Outdated Vinyl Plastic Design
Vinyl siding has garnered an unfair negative reputation due to its aesthetic. It is very true though that a worn-out vinyl siding significantly reduces the overall exterior appeal of your home. Give your house a stylish facelift by replacing this type of siding. This is one of the many advantages that siding can bring to your home, including the increase in value of your home on the open market.

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