8 Facts about flat roofs

It is not surprising that flat roofs are becoming an increasingly frequent sight in commercial and residential spaces, since thanks to their design and modern technology, they are more durable than a regular roof while giving an elegant and stylish touch to the infrastructure. Still not sure about getting a flat roof? Do not worry, in this article, we will give you 8 main reasons that you may not know about this type of roof that may positively influence your decision.

1. A flat roof costs less than you think
Because flat roofs are increasing in popularity in recent years unlike pitched roofs, the prices offered by a roofing company for a flat-type roof are not that high compared to the past. Apart from this, the final cost of a flat roof depends a lot on its size, the complexity of the infrastructure, the materials it makes up, among other factors.

2. Durability over 20 years
It is a myth that flat roofs do not last long, since they can stay in optimal condition for 20 years or even a little longer if they are properly maintained. Any early detection of cavities or holes can save you a long-term headache in terms of money and time, and at the same time extend the life of your roof overall.

3. Popularity in commercial buildings
One of the reasons why flat roofs are so popular in commercial spaces is mainly because of their energy efficiency. Many companies choose to place their HVAC systems on this type of roof, since apart from not allowing these systems to be seen from below, they are much easier to access in case of maintenance.

4.Flat roof insulation
Although it is common to say that flat roofs are not insulated, in reality it is the opposite. What happens is that to insulate this type of roof and provide the building with the energy efficiency capacity it needs, a completely different approach than usual must be used.

5. Flat roofs are enegy efficient.
Thanks to the use of materials with energy-saving capacity, flat roofs can provide that much-needed capacity for your residential or commercial space. Because some flat roof materials reflect light, it helps keep temperatures inside the infrastructure low for most of the day. Apart from that, if the roofing has additional insulation, that will give the infrastructure additional efficiency during the winter.

6. The area where you live determines the type of roof
The decision you make regarding a new roof will depend a lot on the region where you live, as well as the type of climate that it has. For example, for places with very cold environments, the gable roof is recommended; while the flat roof is recommended for temperate environments.

7.In fact, a flat roof is not flat!
Believe it or not, flat roofings are not 100% flat technically speaking, since they have a slight slope that cannot be detected at first glance that allows rainwater to run towards the ground and thus prevent it from accumulating. on the roof.

8.The perfect place to relax
Another advantage of the flat roof is that it can be freely organized thanks to its free space. Therefore, it is becoming the preferred choice of home and business owners to create an outdoor gym, a swimming pool, gardens or places of recreation and relaxation.

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